Are you talented or gifted with acting, looking for an opportunity to explore and showcase your creative ability to the world? Then, KnutTV is the right choice that offers you that right platform. We train and manage actors and actresses. Contact us for more information.


In KnutTV, we have first class cinematographers, who gives first hand knowledge to our student in this area of specialisation. Learn and operate your camera with ease and excitement. Contact us for more information.



We are number one in professional film Editing because we offer first-hand Editing skills, with different Editing suits. Contact us for more information.



Our directors are based in every part of the country, giving us the advantage of providing our students with local and international talent, with key marketing and productions experience in delivery of students request. Contact us for more information.


Our team of production fixers are perfectly position to assist production companies all over the world who are looking at working in Africa, on productions from commercials, television drama, documentaries and corporate videos.



In knuttv we provide you with a wide range of media production services which answers to your creative production needs

We cover events such as wedding, musical concerts, fashion show, social events etc.

Our team of creatives videographers and photographers has worked in award-winning television productions and has been tapped to cover numerous world-class events

Production of short and full length film

At knut-tv, We produce entertainment films, short and full-length films, documentary, jingles, and advert of all categories. We produce videos & digital content for Music, Cinema, Digital & Television industries.
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Training and managing of actors and actresses

The best way to stay focused on your acting career is with a weekly class. The routine of working on scenes or monologues on a regular basis forces you to focus on your craft. In knuttv we provide you with an amiable environment and opportunities to be part of major auditions, short and full length movies. It’s also a great way to stay inspired and meet like minded people …. We make your acting career come alive. Contact us for details
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